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Hong Kong visual artist and designer Shane Siu Po Wa is known for line drawing in her personal, editorial and commercial work. Her drawings are carefully composed with lines of various weights, which denote a clever use of line thickness, with line-weights varying to express different forms and textures. She draws with precision and care, moving the black ink pen across different media, ranging from paper, glass to wall.

Shane’s ability to create striking compositions using graphic lines, and her appreciation for beautiful design have made her a leading force in the design industry.

Passionate about liquor and spirit, she started to bartend for various restaurants and was granted the opportunity to decor the interior for them. It’s during that time she discovered the fine art of infusing cocktails with design. In 2017, she won the Absolut Vodka Invite Competition, by using the Japanese “Zen” garden idea to create the award-winning cocktail. Later on, she began to offer consulting services and create cocktail menus for restaurants.